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Buy Red Hot at CDBaby




Good Times Review'How Much More?'
by: Good Times Magazine [Long Island, NY]

“An ambitious rock album with overtones of the classic period of the 1970s and 1980s… this is as close to major label quality as an area release ever gets.” 

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ELO Beatles'How Much More?'
Keith J. Sinclair of ELO Beatles Forever (ELOBF) - [UK]

"(ITP's) latest recording 'How Much More?' really is a tour de force encompassing a variety of music styles around a core theme of Classic American AOR...At times you are listening to a reinvention of classic American Rock before being taken on a journey back to the days of extended 12" remixes or an adventure through inspired guitar solos that shout out 'Prog Rock!' album that is a credit to their talent and creativity. Elobeatlesforever (Elobf) recommends 'How Much More?' by Ivory Tower Project to those enlightened folks who enjoy the music of ELO, Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, The Move, The Idle Race, 'Brum Beat', The Beatles and related artistes."

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Cats Doghouse'How Much More?'
by Cat in: Cat's Doghouse (BC-Canada)

"Ivory Tower Project's album promotes and rekindles the classic sound of 70 and 80s Rock/Pop… you can find elements of the Corporate Rock that gave the band Boston great success… as well as a mixture of the R&B and Soul style of the east coast, Surfer Rock from the west coast, and yes... even a little Tejano from down south. Their ability to mix styles and influences gives a unique sound to their genre and, although it may sound familiar, it's completely new."

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Your Music Blog'How Much More?' 
by Peter Cox of Your Music Blog [The Netherlands] 

“(ITP’s) shared love for the music of Styx, Queen, Foreigner or Boston has helped shape this album;How Much More?…The title track, that starts life as an emotive piano ballad accompanied by crying guitar lines. But it does not take that long before those Melodic Rock references are coming to the fore...Next is the Shakespearean tragedy made into a rock song: ‘The Ides Of March (Et tu Brute?)’. It is also nice to hear the band infuse some prog keyboard influences into their songs…Personal highlights for me are ‘Burning (Full Length Remix) ’, ‘Way To Late (Full Length Remix)’ and the beautiful ballad ’Always’… With 14 tracks and a playing time of almost 70 minutes, there is a lot to offer”.  

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Darkland Promo'How Much More?'
by Italian Metal Queen in: Darkland Promotions [September Featured Artist]

“(‘How Much More?’) is a fantastic synopsis of emotions you will experience in your lifetime, regardless of your age, gender, beliefs, etc… it literally has something for everyone... the mix of genres keeps this album fresh and interesting regardless of what music you are into…Their music really could be the soundtrack to anyone's life with a funky little twist, that only they can do.” 

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Blazing Minds"How Much More?" 
 Karen Woodham of Blazing Minds [UK] 

"The title track from the forthcoming album opens with a piano accompanied by a dreamy guitar which leads to the vocals that build up the track before it ramps up with a 70s/80s classic pop/rock feel that ties in beautifully with the lyrics."

" 'How Much More?' is certainly a track that has been well produced with love for the sound that fans of ITP have come to love over the years that they have been producing some brilliant tracks. This track is certainly one that opens up the albums and sets you up for the rest of the tracks to enjoy."

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Indie Artists Magazine'How Much More?' 
Written by: Lorne Behrman on Indie Artist Magazine - [BC - Canada]

“The songs burst with stirring vocal melodies, soaring vocal harmonies, polished musicianship, heartfelt lyrics, and imaginative arrangements…The title track ('How Much More?') unfolds from a boldly vulnerable piano ballad with smoldering emotionality to an anthemic climax with burly classic rock guitars… 'The Ides of March (Et tu Brute)' ITP manages to create their own niche of Shakespearian rock through melding classic texts with classic rock in the grand theatrical tradition of Queen.”  

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Rock Portal'How Much More?'  by Hans Ravensbergen of RockPortal.Nl  [The Netherlands] 
Translated from Dutch

Most bands have a story, a history. Usually that story is like a path over roses. They may encounter side-roads or detours. Few bands can say they have taken as many as the New York band Ivory Tower Project.

In 1980 the two songwriters Johnny Jace and Mark Regula set up Ivory Tower Project. Making music like their influences: BostonForeignerStyx and Queen. Soon after the foundation; in 1983, drummer Sal DiAngelo died. But that is not everything. Co-founder Johnny Jace died in 2003. To make matters worse, Mark Regula became permanently disabled in 2009 as a result of a car accident. It did not stop the remaining members from publishing the albumRed Hot’ in 2008. The survival of the band (or better still the project) was then hanging on a silk thread. But old acquaintance of the band, also guitarist and sound engineer Tony Novarro, was the saving angel. The two of them made ‘How Much More?, on which also the latest lyrical contributions of Johnny Jace can be heard.

The title track and opener: “How Much More?” already cuts right into it. The intro is quiet, but the song tilts through the heart-rending vocals of Mark Regula. In everything you hear that he feels what he is singing. And then flaming keyboard and guitar solos that the song progress to. On “The Ides Of March (Et tu Brute?)” The duo rumbles through musically like Queen in their early days.

Spacey guitar and keys supported by the greasy and 'funky' sound of a bass guitar put you upright in the danceable: “Gotcha’”. The song is catchy and full of electronic effects. It reminds me at times of Jan Hammer in his soundtrack to the TV series ‘Miami Vice’. It sounds like an amalgamation of the eighties and the present tense. Love song “Ring Around Rosie” and the pointy “Way Too Late” continue the melodic and catchy AOR way. These songs are at home being played in your convertible on a sunny day and perfect to sing along to. “When Friends Become Lovers” is of the same caliber.

On “Please Tell Me” is a key role for Tony Novarro on guitar. It is a rock and soul song dedicated to deceased drummer Sal DiAngelo. “Woman of the Times” is funky and reminiscent of Level 42 thanks to the funky bass guitar. The infectious song is interspersed with saxophone, giving the whole thing a feel of the 80s. The album continues its journey with passionate and very rhythmic “Burning”. The album is clearly in the danceable retro corner at this stage.

Further back in time, Ivory Tower Project goes with the instrumental “Surf Song”. Close your eyes and think of waving palms, burning sand and The Beach Boys during these three minutes. Wake up with the beautiful and emotionally sung ballad: “You Can See It In My Eyes”, including polyphonic vocals. After a no-name song sung in Spanish, the album ends with “My Name (DJ Distortion Remix)”. The original Melodic Rock version of this song is from the album; Red Hot’. We hear it here in a long EDM/disco version remix full of synthesizers, sequencers and loops. A nicer icing on the cake is not imaginable.

For Mark Regula, his 'ivory tower' is paradise on earth. A place where he can literally escape from the suffering he has experienced. But also experience daily. ‘How Much More?’ is about how much a person can take and can have. The album is a reflection of the history of the band. An album that stands in all respects as a tower. With his foundation in the seventies and eighties.

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Music Interview Mag'How Much More?'
by PAUL J WOLFLE in: Music Interview Magazine (New York)

"As far as albums having a genuine message behind the music, look no further because Ivory Tower Project’s: 'How Much More?' has it covered and then some...the 14 compositions emit a retro vibe complete with expertly crafted intros, instrumental solos and vocal work, while a tightly percussive bass and drum battery holds everything together. But this is just the beginning of a deeply, heartfelt story."

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Get Ready to ROCK!'How Much More?' 
by Jason Ritchie of Get ready to ROCK!  [UK]

The Ivory Tower Project is a true labour of musical love… working on and off on these songs since their debut album Red Hot was released in 2008. As the band name suggests they have a love of all things pomp rock citing bands such as Styx, QueenForeigner and Boston as major musical influences…It is an interesting mix as ‘The Ides Of March (Et Tu Brute)’ sounds like 70′s Queen… Those Boston influences shine through on ‘Ring Around Rosie’, more in the vocals (Brad Delp) than the Tom Scholz guitar orchestrations, although this song features a suitably gran guitar solo.”  

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Strutter Magazine'How Much More?'
by Gabor Kleinbloesem of Strutter Magazine [The Netherlands]

“The title track ‘How Much More?’ is a classic AOR/Pomp rock song that could well be lifted from a late 1970s/early 1980s record…Fans of acts like: Styx, Zon, Trillion, Thrills, Air Raid, Roadmaster, REO Speedwagon and such will absolutely love this record, which has quite a lot highlights… The Kansas/Styx ‘ish lengthy epic: ‘The Ides of March (Et tu Brute)’, ‘Burning’, ‘Please Tell Me’ and the catchy Survivor ‘ish pure AOR tune: ‘Way Too Late’ (still my favorite Ivory Tower Project ever)… The guitar work is sensational in classic early 80s style and so we can highly recommend this release to anyone who wants to go back in time and hear catchy hooks and memorable choruses like the AOR/Pomp rock bands in the USA.”

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Music Guru Radio'How Much More?'
 Written by: The Music Guru on Music Guru Radio [PA, USA] 

"This band ROCKS. No, I mean they really ROCK! ... The passion in the music & the words (and the) blend of music from the 70’s & 80’s to make that great “real” sound.

This album was even better than the first one...Go buy this album today. I rate this 5 out of 5 Music Guru Stars."  

Click here to read the entire review >'How Much More?'
by Juha Harjula in [Sweden]

“This is a nice album that takes you back to late 70s and early 80s. There´s lots of influences from bands such as Boston, Reo Speedwagon, Styx, Cannata and Kansas…The opening song ‘How Much More?’ with a slow starts but turns out to a nice rocker in the chorus and it´s a good one. ‘The Ides Of March (Et tu Brute?)’ is great with a sing-a-long chorus with a touch of Boston mixed with Reo Speedwagon. ’Please Tell Me’ is a great mid-tempo rocker with layers of melodies and a strong chorus."

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Soundwave Review'How Much More?'
by Darcia Helle of [USA]

"Ivory Tower Project’s style is a throwback to the expansive sound of bands like Styx and Kansas. The band recently released their album 'How Much More?', which is textured rock without the formulaic hooks. This is the kind of layered music meant for listening. And Tony Novarro gives us some killer guitar riffs."

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Quirky NY Chick 'How Much More?' 
by: Quirky NY Chick [NY – USA]

“ Surf Song’…takes you back to the classic surf sound and ‘The Ides of March (Et Tu Brute?)’ a song that harkens back to classic 80's rock anthems.”

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Music Street Journal'How Much More?' 
by Gary Hill of Music Street Journal.Com [USA] 

"To a large degree this feels like something that could have been released in the 1970s or 1980s... 'The Ides of March (Et tu Brute?)' Hard rock and AOR prog (Progressive Rock) blend on this number. There is some classy guitar soloing built into this number...I love the hard rocking sound of ('Way Too Late'). It has a lot of AOR prog elements. It seems to me that fans of 70s prog would be a target audience for these guys....

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The Entertainment Bank'Red Hot'
By: Paul Anderson of The Entertainment Bank

“The hit record that should have been”… "There is no set in stone formula that ITP follows; they make use of the wide range of colors and styles to create songs that embody the best elements of the the 70s and 80s, and they do it very well.”

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Indie Music DigestIndie Music Digest
Written by: Cyrus Rhodes

“a rare find”…. “as the CD progressed, I actually became more & more impressed with it”…”a blast from the 80’s”

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Boom Boom ChikBoom Boom Chik

(Ivory Tower Project) “make “Classic Pop/Rock inspired by the great artists of the 70s and 80s.” Immediately I thought of the greats like Chicago, Journey, Foreigner etc, and couldn’t help but check out their sound. I wasn’t disappointed.”


The Ripple effectThe Ripple Effect

“Listening to this album immediately brings to mind such classic melodic rock bands as Journey, gobs of Survivor, and yes, even a little bit of Axe. If the mention of those bands gets your salivary glands to start working then read on, because what Ivory Tower Project does with their influences places this disc handsomely right next door.”


Quirky NY ChickQuirky NY Chick: The InBox Vol. 1

“If you like your rock with a strong dose of the whole 80's vibe, check them out.”


Mossip – Your Guide To Everything Music
Written by: Elfslut

 Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu. Mark Regula has a voice that will stand up with the best of them and he proves that consistently throughout the disc. If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection…

Read the entire review here:


Indie-Music.comIvory Tower Project - RED HOT
Published on [USA]
Written By: J. Turner

Red Hot is a totally rad, 10-song release that combines elements of classic rock and 80s pop to capture the music of an unforgettable decade… This album is retro but relevant and has an overall consistency that fans of any age will appreciate and enjoy... The songs on this album, both lyrically and sonically, would fit well among any of that era’s top 40 hits.”  


Ivory Tower Project – RED HOT
Published on: CrossOver-Netzwerk für Jugendkultur [ Germany ]
By: Georg Lögler

Read the interview here (it’s written in German):


All MagazineIvory Tower Project: 'How Much More?' - Interview with Mark Regula on ALL Magazine (November, 2016)
 by Heather Paige. [pgs: 52-55]  

"For Ivory Tower ProjectHow Much More? is so much more than the title of an album, it is the story of overcoming incredible adversity to pursue their passion for music. Their story is real. It is genuine. It is inspiring..." 

To read the entire interview (pgs 52- 55): please click on this link:


Music Street JournalIvory Tower Project: 'How Much More?' - Interview with Tony Novarro &  Mark Regula  
with Gary Hill of Music Street Journal.Com [USA]   

MSJ: Can you catch the readers up on the history of your involvement in music –
both individually and as a band?

Click here to read the interview:


Interview with Mark Regula on The Josie Show: September 30, 2011


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Below are text interviews with the members of ITP:

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