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Find out more about Ivory Tower Project's recent release Red Hot including stories and lyrics about each track. Also, have yourself a listen to free samples on this page, including downloads available for purchase from some fine retailers including iTunes and also check out other albums ITP is featured on in the Discography section.

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From The Album ‘HOW MUCH MORE?’:

New Album: How Much More‘HOW MUCH MORE?’ is Ivory Tower Project’s sophomore CD that will be released in the first half of 2017.  This CD contains 14 tracks with 4 previously released tracks that have been enhanced with overdubs, and remixed. All the tracks on this CD are full length album mixes.

We want to acknowledge three of our friends and colleagues who had contributed to the making of this CD who had passed away:

In loving memory:

Johnny Jace    Ivan Elias    Sal Di Angelo









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How Much More? Story & Lyrics | iTunes

The Ides of March (Et tu Bruté) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Gotcha' (full length club mix)  - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Ring Around Rosie Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Way Too Late (full length remix) - Story & Lyrics  | iTunes

Always - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

When Friends Become Lovers - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Please Tell Me  - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Woman of the Times - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Burning (full length remix) Story & Lyrics | iTunes

Surf Song - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

You Can See It In My Eyes (remix) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

La Dare Un Aníllo A Rosí - Story & Lyrics | iTunes

My Name (DJ Distortion remix) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes


All songs and recordings are ©2016 Ivory Tower Project & Guerrilla Records-NY, ℗2016 Rockamagula Music  (ASCAP) - all rights reserved. How Much More?is Produced and arranged by Mark Regula and Tony Novarro. CD cover art by Ed Unitsky 


From the album 'RED HOT':

Purchase copies of Red Hot at‘RED HOT’ is Ivory Tower Project’s debut CD released in 2008. It is a 10 track album CD release (3 tracks of which have been radio edited for time) that Guerrilla Records used to test market ITP’s material. It has 9 diverse songs and a candid radio interview that give the listener a sample of the styles that ITP play within the Classic Pop/Rock genre…

"The hit record that should have been..." - Paul Anderson - The Entertainment Bank [USA] 











My Name - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



Burning (edited) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



Gotcha' (edited) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



Way Too Late (edited) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



Guilty (You're The One) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



You Can See It In My Eyes - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



Dreamer - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



I Can't Tell Him (Her) - Story & Lyrics | iTunes



I Think I Fell In Love With You - Story & Lyrics | iTunes


Centre Street Radio Interview - Listen | Story | iTunes


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Available on cdbaby.comiTunes

All songs and recordings are © 2001 and 2008 by: Ivory Tower Project, ℗ Rockamagula Music and  © Guerrilla Records - all rights reserved. "Red Hot" is Produced and arranged by M. Regula and T. Novarro.

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Ivory Tower Project discography featuring various compilation albums and studio album releases

How Much More CD
1) Guerrilla Records - 'HOW MUCH MORE?

(Release date: TBA)



©℗ 2016 Guerrilla Records-NY / Rockamagula Music - ASCAP

Red Hot by Ivory Tower Project2) Guerrilla Records - 'RED HOT'

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©℗ 2008 Guerrilla Records / Rockamagula Music – ASCAP

Additional Info

Recorded & Mastered: Tiki Recording Studios (Glen Cove, NY)
Published: Rockamagula Music [ASCAP] (NY) -
Released: Guerrilla Records (NY) -
Produced & Arranged by: Novarro & Regula

Guerrilla Grooves featuring Ivory Tower Project3) Guerrilla Records - "Guerrilla Grooves" - compilation (USA)

Track #1 Ivory Tower Project - My Name




© 2002 Guerrilla Records/Rockamagula Music - ASCAP

WSVN Radio compilation featuring Ivory Tower Project4) WSVN Radio Hall of Fame Volume 6 - compilation (USA)

Track #9 Ivory Tower Project - Burning




© 2003 WSVN -

Hardest Hits compilation featuring Ivory Tower Project5) Munich's Hardest Hits - Melodic Rock is Back Volume 5 - compilation (Germany)

Track # 15 Ivory Tower Project - Burning




© 2004 Munich's Hardest Hits OHG -

Cumbersome Compilation featuring Ivory Tower Project6) Floccinaucinihilipilification: A Cumbersome Records Sampler #2 - compilation (Australia)

Track # 14 Ivory Tower Project - Burning




© 2004 Cumbersome Records