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Woman of the Times

Is a Pop/Rock with a retro dance groove. The lyrics were written by both Johnny Jace & Mark Regula. This track features Ivan Elias who was the original bass player for Patty Smyth and Scandal – and Richie Cannata the original sax player for Billy Joel on tenor saxophone. This song; like the ITP song “Gotcha’” was written and produced for an episode of the Television series: Miami Vice’ back in 1985, but unfortunately their lawyer had dropped the ball on getting the track licensed. So this song has been sitting on the shelf for 30 years.

Mark Regula: Vocals, organ, synthesizers, electric piano.
Tony Novarro: Electric guitars.
Ivan Elias: Bass.
Richie Cannata: Saxophone.
Mike Carbone: Electronic Drums.

Produced by: Tony Novarro & Mark Regula


Friday night, dressed to kill
Caught my eye and my heart stood still
As she walked through the door
And I saw in her eyes that she swore by her lies
But I wanted her more

Flashing lights, pounding beat
Held her close and I felt the heat
As we danced through the night
She rehearsed her lines well, I was under a spell
And I felt it was right
I know I’m playing with fire, but never thought I’d get burned

She’s the woman of the eighties
She’s the Woman of the Times
And she’s guilty of treason without any reason or rhyme
She’s the woman of the eighties
An assassin in disguise, don’t ask any questions,
You know you won’t get any lies

All alone, face to face
Blood on fire, my heartbeat raced
When I smelled her perfume
Then she gave me a grin, gave in to her whim
And we entered her room

Morning comes, passion’s gone
Empty soul what went wrong
Was it all meant to last?
Disregarding the dangers, we turned into strangers
Did it happen too fast?
We both gave into desires, but only one of us learned

She’s the woman of the eighties
She’s the woman of today
And she can’t be held down from her running around
You can’t stand in her way
She’s the woman of the eighties
And she’s never ever pleased
You’ll be set for a fall once you’ve given your all,
And she’ll make your heart bleed


We both were playing with fire, but only one of us burned

(Repeat chorus)

Words & Music by: Johnny Jace & Mark Regula
From the CD: How Much More?” by Ivory Tower Project
© ℗  2016 Guerrilla Records + Rockamagula Music
Lyrics reprinted with permission


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