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Tony Novarro – "The City Never Sleeps And Neither Does This Musician"
Published on: Long Island Entertainment News [USA] -
Interview By: John Blenn

If you thought J.Lo or Britney Spears seem to be EVERYPLACE, they haven't got a thing on Tony Novarro. The Farmingdale-reared, Howard Beach native guitarist Novarro seems to be in every other metro area band, but remember, it only seems that way. The total number of projects he's connected to could be considerably higher. Currently working with long time collaborator Emma Zale, Ivory Tower Project, Wolfe at the Door, The Human Karaoke Machine and Trina Taylor, Novarro doesn't seem to be a fan of resting. Then again, how much rest do you need when the hours are spent on what you love?

"I started working with Mark Regula on the Ivory Tower Project about 15 years ago," says Novarro tracing back his roots, "and I've probably been playing longer than that with Emma. I look at them and think it's great they've been able to put out music all these years." That means you have too. Novarro laughs, adding, "I guess I never really stop to think about how long it's been or how long I'll do it. As long as I can play, I'll be doing some kind of music and it seems like some new project is always coming up."

Where do the projects usually come from? The two places you'd expect the most. "I've been running a small studio for six, seven years," says Novarro. "I usually wind up playing on someone's project and then they'll ask me to play live with them after they finish it. What I like the best about the studio work is that it's given me a chance to play a lot of different styles and it's made me a more rounded player. I studied jazz in college, but Ivory Tower Project has that classic 80's-rock sound alive while Trina Taylor is from Texas and is a real singer/songwriter with lots of acoustic flavoring. Emma has done rock and acoustic stuff while one of my regular clients; Elliot Baron, experiments with styles, from country to jazz, blues to pop. I've never gigged out with him, but I've played almost everything in the studio with him.

Tony has a solo instrumental CD out not to mention loads of work on other people's recordings, some songs of which, Novarro and longtime love Audrey Halligan penned together. "Audrey stands behind me; you have to have a wife that supports you to be able to go play and what's even cooler is that we often create stuff together." And with that support, Novarro concludes the future can only be as much fun, if not more, in terms of making music. "My goal is just to play and create," he sums up, "whatever happens, happens. I've paid my bills with other jobs over the years, the success with the music to me is in making it in the first place." He's been making it fun for people to listen to him for years, too.

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